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  • Headquarters of Hanhai Holdings
  • Headquarters of Hanhai Holdings

Established in 2003, Hanhai Holdings focuses on the business philosophy of “Business expresses thoughts and achieves a sense of accomplishment for one’s

self and others” and upholds the international science, technology and culture exchange and innovation cooperation of “global incubation and cross-border


At present, we have established and operated five national incubators in Beijing, five international innovation centers in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Foshan, Wuxi and

Jiaxing, and several technology and culture parks overseas. We have built an international innovation and entrepreneurship ecological network and a global

incubation and acceleration system.

A strong global presence coupled with numerous strategic partnerships, Hanhai Holdings is growing to become a respected, world-class, multinational group,

focusing on the construction of science and technology parks.