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Corporate Culture

Inheriting the 5000-year culture of China, Hanhai Holding keeps up with the development of the times and forms a positive, harmonious and progressive corporate culture during the innovation process, which will unceasingly call on and motivate Hanhai staff to constantly improve themselves, strive to achieve their dreams, and continuously drive the Company to develop sustainably, rapidly and healthily.

Cultural Core System

Company Vision:Cultural Hanhai, scientific and technological Hanhai, and international Hanhai

Cultural Hanhai

Culture is the soul of a company, a spiritual home to staff, and a kind of endless resource of Hanhai. With its rich cultural connotation and by inheriting the 5000-year outstanding Chinese culture, Hanhai is committed to creating a grateful, responsible, harmonious, and progressive Hanhai culture. 

Hanhai focuses on people. A top-grade company is the result of a top-grade team. Employees are the footstones of evergreen Hanhai business. Hanhai respects its employees, cares for them, respects their value, promote team work, and devotes itself to creating a large family bit without turning Hanhai into a family business. 

Hanhai grows and develops together its employees. Hanhai attaches importance to the learning and development of its employees. Hanhai recommends that within three years, employees with undergraduate degrees shall try to acquire master’s degree, while employees with master’s degrees shall try to acquire doctoral degrees. The Company is also committed to building itself into a learning-oriented company-“a barrier-free university”. 

It is the Company’s policy to allow every employee to display their talents and share the development achievements of the Company. Hanhai looks upon brand as its own life and is committed to becoming a respectable top-class group company in the world that focuses on the construction of Science and TechnologyPark. 


Scientific and technological Hanhai 

Science and technology shows the height of human wisdom, and Hanhai creates value with technology. Relying on its high-technology platform, Hanhai keeps accepting the most cutting-edge science and technology in the world, conducts independent R&D, insists on continuous innovation, keeps developing marketable high-tech products, and benefits the society, the country and all people with science and technology.

Hanhai is actively involved in borrowing the business concepts, management methods, and technical measures from the top-grade enterprises in the world, and adheres to the science-and-technology-based standard corporate operations.

 International Hanhai

Hanhai aims at basing in Beijing, expanding nationwide, and eventually becoming a global player.

In order to introduce international management, international talents, international products, and international clients, Hanhai aims at growing into one of the high-tech groups among all other international players of high-tech industry in the world.


Corporate mission:Creating value for customers, Providing a stage for employees,Assuming social responsibilities

Creating value for customers

Customer issues are the most important issues for us. Hanhai takes customer as its priority. Focusing on customer needs is the starting point of Hanhai service and meeting customer needs is the goal of Hanhai service. Realization of customer value is the realization of Hanhai value.


Providing a stage for employees

Employees are the most precious properties of an enterprise and the footstones for the sustainable development of the enterprise. Hanhai is devoted to providing a stage for bring employees’ talents to full play and a platform for their continuous development. Hanhai employees shall work hand in hand with Hanhai in achieving the corporate vision.


Assuming social responsibilities

Hanhai is a company, a business cause, and a share of responsibility. By operating its own business, Hanhai will continuously improve its social role as a corporate citizen, as well as contribute to the regional economic development, social employment, benevolent activities, and fiscal taxation in order to benefit the entire society.

Company spirit:Integrity, Dedication, Perseverance, and Innovation


Integrity refers to honesty and practicality; integrity refers to reputation and being true to words. Without integrity, there would be lack of trust; with integrity, there would be everlasting trust. Being honest and trustworthy is our moral principle and promise to be true to our words. Basing on honesty, we maintain our business with integrity, do honest business, and be honest people; we insist on keeping our words and attaching importance to reputation, honesty and reliability in doing business all over the world.

Integrity is the cornerstone of an enterprise and shall be incorporated into each process of business operation in Hanhai. Hanhai devotes itself to conducting honest business and creating an honest brand. Integrity is the basis of interpersonal communication and shall be incorporated into the behavior of each Hanhai employee so that they treat people and act in a reliable way, keep their promises, and display lofty personality and high moral ethics when they do things.



Dedication refers to being faithful to one’s duty, being prepared to take responsibilities, going all out to do one’s duty and pursuit of continuous improvement.

It requires professional enthusiasm, diligence, and continuous improvement from all Hanhai employees. It also demands that Hanhai employees take their jobs as their careers and turn their careers into their lifelong ambitions.



Hanhai employees must maintain their passion shown during the early period of entrepreneurship, maintain hard-working spirit, and maintain an unflinching will all the time.

Perseverance is the strong will that is fearless of difficulties or setbacks; perseverance is the endless pursuit for the goals and undefeated spirit; perseverance is the kind of “nail spirit” that persists and wears the stone with constant dropping.

Hanhai employees persist in their own choices and work towards their goals with firm belief, strong will and determination in spite of all the hardships encountered on the way.



Innovation is the power source for an enterprise. Management requires new concepts, business requires new ideas, and development requires new breakthroughs.

Innovation not only refers to the breakthrough of reality, but also improvement of current conditions and integration of existing resources.


Values:Respect, Gratitude, Sharing, and Dedication


It is every single Hanhai employee’s responsibility to respect people. Always respect customers and sit in customers’ shoes; respect colleagues and “do not do to others what you would not have them do to you”; respect laws and morals and seek improvements within ethical restraints; and respect onself as self-regard comes from self-respect and self-regard creates self-reliance.

Respect is also the right of every single Hanhai employee. Respecting employees is to respect employees’ personalities, respect employees’ rights, to help employees to achieve self-realization, to realize their own values, and develop and grow with the Company together.



Gratitude is the footstone for success, while complain is the beginning of failure. Recognizing the kindness, being grateful, and showing gratitude is the basis of kindness, love, and conscience; and they are also the basic moral requirements for loving others, loving the Company, loving the society, and loving the country.

As the old saying goes “For the little help we received, we should pay back with substantial gratitude.” We should thank our parents for bringing us up, we should thank our motherland for educating us, we should thank this era for providing us with opportunities, we should thank the Company for providing a stage for our careers, and we should thank our colleagues for giving a helping hand to us.

We should be grateful for all the setbacks and difficulties as they increase our strength for survival and encourage us to overcome the timidity; we should be grateful for the challenges from our competitors as they sharpen our will and help us to become stronger and more resilient.



Sharing refers to the win-win philosophy that encourages collaboration and mutual benefit. Only after sharing can we achieve greater space for development, gather more resources, and improve our capabilities.

Sharing is conducted in both a material and a spiritual way. We shall not only share the material benefits that we created mutually, but also shall be good at sharing the development opportunities, our wisdom, our successful experiences and all the lessons we’ve learned.



Dedication is a kind of initiative and selfless spirit. It concerns the overall and long-term strategies, focuses on each individual job and current situation, encourages investment, and encourages us to go beyond utilitarian and personal gains.

Hanhai encourages employees to take dedication as their life motto and put Company and social benefits in the first place. Hanhai will not let those willing to help suffer any losses as it believes that hard work shall be rewarded. Hanhai is always willing to reward the employees that have work hard selflessly.


Business philosophy:Business that expresses thought and achieves a sense of accomplishment for one’s self and others

Taking the national prosperity as its own responsibility, Hanhai abides by the principles of achieving monetary gains in a virtuous and righteous way, and manages the entire business operation by bearing lofty social responsibilities in mind.

Hanhai believes in the business concept of “creating values for others and bringing success to the Company”. Through creating value for customers, for the society, and for the employees, the Company is bound to achieve success.


Management philosophy:Talent philosophy: Integrity and fairness, be talented and virtuous

Decision philosophy: Proposing democracy and scientific decision-making

Distribution philosophy: Result-based compensation in compliance with performances

Policy philosophy: Policies are the laws of the company

Self-discipline philosophy: Changing from heteronomy to self-discipline

Talent philosophy: Integrity and fairness, be talented and virtuous

Hanhai always puts people in the first place, and believes in recruiting best employees in creating the best business; Hanhai attaches great importance to morals and believes that “positive, righteous, responsible, and tolerant employees” that are “professional, diligent, dedicated, and enjoys their jobs” are the precious treasure of Hanhai Company.

The Group has always been actively creating a business atmosphere that “respects work, knowledge, talent, and creation” and a cultural environment for the learning and growth of Hanhai teams in order to provide opportunities and a platform for the development of its employees so that every hardworking and capable employee may have the opportunity, succeed and enjoy their position; Hanhai encourages its employees to study, work, innovate, and display their personal values on their job posts, and hopes that its employees may love their jobs, devote to their jobs, develop themselves, realize their personal values, and achieve their dreams in the Company.

An excellent Hanhai employee shall not only be recognized in the Company, but always be recognized by the society.


Decision philosophy: Proposing democracy and scientific decision-making

Proposing democracy requires brainstorming, collective wisdom, and prevention of dictatorship.

Scientific decision-making involves making the best choice and decisiveness on the basis of thorough investigation, wide review, comprehensive analysis, and taking professional advice.


Distribution philosophy: Result-based compensation in compliance with performances

Basing on scientific and appropriate performance appraisal, Hanhai insists on being result-oriented and deciding on compensation according to the performances.

The value distribution in Hanhai takes efficiency as priority, focuses on sustainable development, gives support to more outstanding employees, core employees, and employees that make larger contributions.

The Group proposes that company and employees form a common destiny and company should share the achievements with its employees together; vice versa, employees shall combine their personal development with the company development and achieve win-win.


Policy philosophy: Policies are the laws of the company

Policies are manifestations of management wisdom and guarantee of company success. The making of policies shall be in accordance with the practical situations of the Company. Only after being put into practice can policies demonstrate its value and significance.

Policies are laws and shall be executed strictly. All men are equal before the policies.


Self-discipline philosophy: Changing from heteronomy to self-discipline

Policy is a kind of constraint. When policies are turned into self-discipline, good habits will be formed. Good habits are the foundations for success.

Hanhai employees shall reinforce self-management on the basis of policies and change heteronomy into self-discipline, make for the realm of freedom, and drive Hanhai towards successes.

Career concept:Taking job as career, your hard work will be rewarded.

Everybody works for themselves. Everybody has only one job. Only after making certain achievements can we survive, develop ourselves, and achieve our dreams; only after doing a good job and making achievements can we look after our parents, love our family, and be responsible for the whole society. To have a happy family and make offspring proud, we have to spend a lot of time on our careers as our careers serve not only our families but also the society.


Hanhai proposes that each of us bear a grateful heart and cherish the platform provided by the Company. It further proposes not to take jobs as a means for survival, instead we should take job as a career, love what we are doing, be skilled in what we are doing, pursue excellence, and continuously create new highs in our lives.


Hanhai proposes a fair, just, and open system in order to provide an environment and a platform for the fair competition of all Hanhai employees; Hanhai respects knowledge and talents and provide opportunities for creativities and development of talents so that those who have made outstanding contributions and who are always willing to help may be rewarded.

Service concept:Making responsibilities into standards,Taking extra miles to reach perfection, Winning customers’ hearts

with true feelings.

Market is the foundation for development, while customers are the guarantee of our survival. We cherish every single opportunity for providing services to our customers, we appreciate customers’ attention, selection and trust in us, and we will be committed to diligently and wholeheartedly providing high-quality services to our customers and trying to carry out every single job in a perfect way.


Today you might be working for others, but tomorrow you might have others work for you. We attach great importance to the perfection of each service and detail we provide, we provide cordial services, we win customers’ hearts with true feelings, we put ourselves in customers’ shoes, we strive to outperform customer expectation, and we win customers with sincerity in order to win market and achieve continuous development.

Safety concept: Safety overrides all other concerns; responsibility is of vital importance

For one minute in service, you should be responsible for 60 seconds. Hanhai requires that we should always put national interest and life and property security of customers and employees in the first place.


Hanhai focuses on long-term interest and refuses all short-term acts. All Hanhai employees shall pursue the farsighted benefits of the Company and ensure safe production and steady operation.

Style concept:Be selfless and dedicated

The larger one’s ambition is, the larger his career would be. The further one’s vision is, the further his future will extend. Hanhai employees must have great love and open-mind in order to eliminate corruption, anger, or stupidity. Hanhai employees must help others to succeed, render good for evil, and learn to live in harmony with others and make mutual improvement.


People who are keen on learning outperform those who know well; while those who enjoy learning would again outperform those who are keen on learning. Only those who enjoy their work could do a really good job. Hanhai employees shall foster interest in their jobs and try to enjoy their job in order to be dedicated to their job. Only after enjoying what they are doing can they achieve success in their career and be happy every day.

Working concept:Lacking of record doesn’t mean accident has never occurred,Lacking of feedback doesn’t mean there

is no start.

Hanhai emphasizes working processes and respects business procedures. Hanhai proposes to simplify complicated things, standardize simple things, streamline the standard things, and institutionalize the streamlined contents so that every single activity of any time gets recorded.


Employees are required to comply with Company orders and commands unconditionally and without giving any excuses. Hanhai employees must make sure to achieve results and provide feedback for every single activity. They are required to do one thing in detail in one day, to do one thing reliably in one week, to do one thing well in one month, and to succeed one thing in a year.